Christopher Schulz // Blue AK // Edition 7/9 // 2013

Stunning contemporary sculpture by American artist Christopher Schulz titled Blue AK. Polished marine grade stainless steel on lucite base. Edition of 9 plus AC, 2013.

In excellent condition.
Dimensions: L113 x H36,5 x D47 cm (44" x 17" x 18"). Base: L61 x H5,5 x D28 cm.

Native Los Angeles based artist, Christopher Schulz, works in multiple mediums to create his sculpture and 2D wall pieces. Although different disciplines, a common soul is shared in striving to invite emotion, delivering intent and enabling sensory exploration. The vast body of work reflects elements of the artist’s surroundings both past and present, many times depicting familiar iconography to evoke a visual response that brings the viewer into a personal relationship within any given work.

With his surreal sleek ‘Sharkgun’ sculptures, Schulz draws parallels between the huge backlash against firearms and the irrational dread humans feel about sharks.

The artist, on his works:
As a culture, we have been sold on images of fear. When we see these iconic images they seem to instantly trigger a sense of unease in a viewer. Most of these subconscious emotions come from misinformation or a prescribed reaction. Growing up next to the ocean, sharks seemed to put these fears into me, and now like a large percentage of the world, guns seem to have the heaviest reactions. A reality is that neither one are worthy of such a label as “killer”, but when the human element is added, unpredictability becomes threat.
‘Sharkguns are hybrid manifestations of these iconic death dealers. The way in which these works are presented, the way the ideas have been distilled, brings almost a whimsical quality to these beasts, hopefully rendering them unthreatening. With this chosen medium, they become an attractor of curiosity, one that brings us closer to our fears by showing these items in an elegant, beautiful way.

While one might or might not share his views about firearms, the sculptures themselves are as stunning as their prices which can reach 5 figures.

By: Schulz, Christopher (1974, American, sculptor, painter)