Igor Tcholaria // Dreamland // Oil & Acrylic Paint on Canvas // 2013

Lovely and colorful artwork by Georgian artist Igor Tcholaria, titled 'Dreamland', depicting several figures. Signed bottom right, and signed, titled and dated in verso. Mixed media (oil and acrylic paint) on canvas, framed in white lacquered wooden frame.

One of a kind. In excellent condition.
Dimensons: Painting: H100cm x W150 cm. Frame: Ca. H110 cm x W160cm x D8 cm.

Emotion, nostalgia, love and passion are the colours of this painter’s palette. Lavish colours sparkle on the canvas. Mirth and merriment preavail. Igor Tcholaria’s paintings provoke a smile and make you happy. Yet you can perceive a ring of drama in each of his works. This combination is characteristic of his work. His major themes are dancers, acrobats, clowns and musicians. And women, many women. Tcholaria evidently favours the opposite sex. Optimism prevails, his cup is always half full. With his work he has now managed to interest and fascinate a crowd of admirers from all over the world.

Price: € 12600 (excl. 15% buyer's premium)
By: Tcholaria, Igor (1959, Georgian, painter)