Artwork in Style of Karel Appel // by Geert Jan Jansen

Stunning colorful painting in style of Karel Appel, attributed to Geert Jan Jansen, in nice frame. Acrylic paint on canvas, H80 x W60 cm. Black painted frame is H84 x W64 x D4 cm.

The Netherlands may be known for its Dutch Masters. But Geert Jan Jansen is a master forger who spent decades making fake paintings, and selling them off as original Picassos, Klimts, Appels before he finally got caught. Jansen started out with good intentions - copying famous artists in order to learn their techniques - then pursued a career as an art dealer. When that didn't work out, he turned his skills to forgery - and watched in amazement as his works sold for good prices in Amsterdam's auction houses.

Jansen never tried to copy famous paintings, instead he preferred to create works in the style of a particular artist and found he got an addictive kick from fooling the art experts. He is very talented: Karel Appel recognized a number of works as his own, while they were made by master forger Geert Jan Jansen. Nowadays he is famous, and signs art with his own name.

Price: € 3250 (excl. 15% buyer's premium)
By: Jansen, Geert Jan (1943, Dutch, painter and former master art forger)